Seminaari ”Fiscal rules, stabilization and risk-sharing in the EMU”

Seminar on Fiscal rules, stabilization and risk-sharing in the EMU

I am pleased to invite you to a seminar onFiscal rules, stabilization and risk-sharing in the EMU”, organised by the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA on 3rd October 2017 in Hotel Haven, Unioninkatu 17, Helsinki.

The EMU fiscal governance framework has recently undergone several reforms. However, the framework is still being criticized on several grounds. There are also continuing disagreements about further reforms. These disagreements turn, above all, on the introduction of new mechanisms for risk-sharing, such as a common deposit insurance or EU fiscal capacity.

In this seminar, we present new research on the functioning of the current fiscal rules and cross-country risk-sharing and discuss the future of fiscal coordination in the EMU. This meeting is part of the Firstrun project, funded by the European Commission under Horizon2020 framework program. See

Presenters and discussants of this seminar will be:

Cinzia Alcidi, Head of the Economic Policy Unit at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels and LUISS- School of European Political Economy- Research Fellow.

Iain Begg, Professorial Research Fellow at the European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Tero Kuusi, Research Economist at Etla.

Niku Määttänen, Research Director at Etla.

Tuomas Saarenheimo, Permanent Undersecretary responsible for international and financial matters at the Finnish Ministry of Finance.

Vesa Vihriälä, Managing Director at Etla.

The seminar will start with coffee at 8:30am.

Please register online by 15.9.2017 using the following registration link. (