Student selection to higher education and speeding up studies [Completed]

An aim of the project is to study how applying and access to higher education have changed as a consequence of the student selection reforms and other policy action related to the aim of speeding up studies and, whether the objectives set out in terms of rapid transition progress of studies have been realized; how and to what extent the objectives have been achieved or not and why and, what can be expected from the results as concerns the effects of the latest and planned reforms. The aim is also to find out how the application system and selection to studies affect the progress of the initial studies and how participation in training courses affects getting a study place, and especially whether the role of training courses to student choices can be reduced.

The project is financed by the Prime Minister’s Office (funding for Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities) between 1.5.2016 and 31.12.2017. The project is carried out by the consortium of RUSE and ETLA (Research Institute of the Finnish Economy) and coordinated by RUSE. The project is led by professor Osmo Kivinen.

Starting year: 2016
Year of completion: 2017
Person in charge: Asplund, Rita
Funding: Valtioneuvoston kanslia