Etla’s research activities focus on two thematic areas and the research is carried out in four research groups.

Theme 01 Impact of Economic Policy

The aim is to provide information on how economic policy can promote competition and business conditions between companies in Finland and improve the competitiveness of Finnish production on the world market.

Research topics

  • Labor market rigidities, local bargaining and wage formation, targeting of wage increases
  • Finland’s competitiveness and productivity
  • The economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis
  • Finland’s capacity to adapt to economic shocks
  • Factors influencing corporate investment activity
  • Financing constraints for growth companies and the platform economy
  • The Finnish regulatory system and its impact on competition between companies in Finland
  • Level of research and development and location of R&D activities

02 Impact of Driving Forces (Megatrends)

The research focuses on the driving forces’ (megatrend’s) effects on the business sector and on the preconditions of economic policies

Research topics

  • Economic analysis of climate change, climate policy, carbon tariffs, the impact of climate investments on employment and industries
  • The green technology market and the growth potential it brings to Finnish production
  • The effects of adult education on labor supply and employment
  • Coronavirus crisis, economic sanctions, climate change and trade policy
  • Supply security in crises
  • The importance of China’s trade agreements for investments in Europe and Finland
  • Population ageing and investment
  • The link between competition and weak development of R&D investment

Research groups

Labour market and education

Research on labour markets and education focuses on the transformation of work and adaptation to it. Technological change, globalization and demographic change are reflected in the structure of the labour force and skills required in the labor market. At the same time, the employment rate should be raised to strengthen public finances.

Growth, international trade and competition

Research examines the role of competition in the economy. The focus is on the functioning of the markets and the impact of regulation and public sector activity on market dynamics. The programme provides a large amount of empirical analysis based on firm- and individual-level data on the competitive strategies of companies, barriers to entry in the market and the impact of public policy on competition and the operation of companies.

Macroeconomy and public finances

The main focus of our public finance research is on structural issues related to taxation and social security. The long-term problems of economic policy are addressed in particular from the perspective of population ageing, with an emphasis on the uncertainties and risks associated with economic and demographic development. The policy analysis focuses on the sustainability of public finances and the evaluation of related operational strategies.

Business renewal

The research of new technologies deals with the impact of the creation, emergence and application of new knowledge on businesses, industries and society. The focus is often on the discontinuities and changes related to technological development. Many of the programme’s projects are strongly interdisciplinary. Almost every project involves cooperation with companies or other stakeholders.

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