Public finances and economic policy

Topics of interest include the effectiveness of publicly funded service production and infrastructure, safety nets, taxation, regulation and innovation policy, the division of labour between the public and the private sector and the sustainable management of public finances.

Key issues 2019:

  • The pressure to change taxation, and the future tax system
  • Medium-term growth prospects
  • Social security and life cycle perspective
  • The productivity of public services

Skills and the functioning of the labour market

Topics of interest include the ability of the labour market to steer labour to effective use and to price work in accordance with a high level of employment and the ability of the education system to provide skills required by employment and good productivity.

Key issues 2019:

  • The effects of changes in the occupational structure
  • Job and labour flows
  • Labour supply and the effectiveness of labour policy
  • The agreement system and wage formation

Technology, globalisation and competition

Topics of interest include the factors and mechanisms of long-term economic growth: digital technology, international trade, competition, data economy, structural changes and the impact of regulation on these issues.

Key issues 2019:

  • Technological progress and the changes it has driven
  • The factors and mechanisms of productivity growth
  • The competitiveness of Finnish production

Etla’s Goals

Etla produces useful information based on economics to support decision-making on important issues concerning the Finnish economy.

Etla has a current view on the state of the Finnish economy and a forecast based on this on overall economic development.

Etla assesses economic policy in a broad sense primarily in light of economic research data.