Goal: useful information for decision making

The goal of the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy is to provide useful information to support decision-making on important issues concerning the Finnish economy by applying economic methodology.

We believe information is useful when it is relevant to decision-making, produced at the right time with the most advanced methods and high research ethics, and presented in a clear and easily understandable form.

Our areas of interest include productivity, functioning of labour market and issues that relate to challenges in maintaining a balanced macro economy including sound public finances. We focus particularly on questions that are relevant to the design of policy measures. We also try to choose research topics and approaches in a way that will help us to deepen and broaden our expertise.

Our objective is to always have a current, comprehensive view on the state of the Finnish economy and an overall economic forecast based on this, compiled utilizing state-of-the-art methods.

We assess fiscal policy solutions and suggestions for solutions, in real time whenever possible, and always in a balanced manner, primarily in light of economic research. If necessary, we make our own policy proposals.

Our aim is to operate so that the rest of the research community, including scientific researchers outside economics, political decision-makers, authorities, interest groups, businesses and media, always see ETLA as a co-operative partner.