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Economic role of startups?

The project studies the amount, quality and economic impact of startup entrepreneurs and their ventures. Even though large incumbent corporations are the cornerstone of the Finnish economy, startups are a necessary “feed” into longer-term creative destruction and thus economic growth. In Finland, excitement over startups have now lasted for a decade. Yet, no comprehensive information […]

Personalized health diagnostics and care

Etla participates in Salwe Ltd’s Get It Done -program by conducting cost-benefit analyses of new forms of health diagnostics and care in collaboration with the participating companies. The program creates new technologies and practices for healthcare professionals to provide more effective services for health and well-being. ICT-based solutions promote the utilization of clinical data, such […]

Integrating platform competences toward network effects

Integrating platform competences toward network effects -project (acronym: iPlate) focuses on companies looking to tap into the network effects – using ecosystem and platforms value creation. The project identifies and strives toward unleashing platform competences that can be addressed with a concept of digital stack, presenting a list for technical, business as well as policy […]

DDI – Digital disruption of Industry

The Digital Disruption of Industry -project acronym: DDI, studies the impacts of digitalization to the Finnish society through the lens of the industry. The next industrial revolution has already started with digitalization making it possible to create intelligent and networked products and produce significant added value. This six year project (2015-2020) is funded by […]