Publication of Etla’s autumn forecast

Etla’s 70th anniversary seminar

The predecessor of The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Etla), Taloudellinen Tutkimuskeskus (Economic Research Center), began operations on August 1, 1946. The Institute has thus been operating for 70 years. Etla organized a 70th anniversary seminar for invited guests on August 29 in the Helsinki University Great Hall. The seminar’s keynote speaker was Professor […]

Business & work in the era of digital platforms

BRIE-ETLA and SWiPE are two recently initiated research collaborations around digital platforms: the former’s primary interest is on implications for business strategies and national policies, the latter’s emphasis is on entrepreneurial and working life implications. BRIE-ETLA and SWiPE arrange a joint seminar ”Business and Work in the Era of Digital Platforms” Sonore hall at Musiikkitalo, […]

Using Big Data to Measure Europe’s Economy

Timely access to information is crucial for informed decision making, but official government statistics are often months or years old by the time they are published. In addition, government statistics can be expensive to produce, burdensome on respondents, and sometimes even inaccurate or imprecise—all factors which limit their usefulness to policymakers, businesses, and others. To […]

Publication of ETLA’s spring forecast

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Release of autumn forecast